Need to Block Someone on Facebook? Read This

Facebook, the handy website that allows us to stay in touch with everyone from childhood friends to high school sweethearts, definitely has its pros and cons. While it's a great way to see adorable photos of your friend's baby or your cousin's new house, there are still some people you may no longer want to grant access to (hello, racist relatives and ex-partners!). Luckily, Facebook has an easy-to-install block feature.

The Facebook block feature is not only helpful in stopping those unwanted interactions with people, but it's also very easy to use. First, visit your Facebook homepage and go to the top right corner of the menu bar, where a small arrow pointing down will be located. Click this arrow, choose Settings, and on the left side of the screen, locate the Blocking option. This will then bring you to the Blocking portion of Facebook, where you can pick and choose which people can add you, invite you to their pages, and more. If you would like to block someone entirely from your page, go to the Block Users section, type their name into the search bar, and hit Block. If you're having an issue finding them in the search bar, you can instead go to their personal Facebook page, click the menu near their cover photo, and choose Block. The person will not be notified that they've been blocked by you.

According to Facebook, when you block someone from your page, this means they will not be able to tag you on Facebook (this includes in comments, photos, or posts) and will not be able to view what you post on your feed, invite you to groups and events, add you, or even message you. So having a clean and positive Facebook feed is only a few clicks away!