10 Things You Need to Change About Your Digital Life

POPSUGAR Photography
POPSUGAR Photography

Ten days — that's all it takes to get your digital life back on track. Whether you haven't cleaned your phone in months (hey, we're not judging) or have a password that's way too easy to guess, this nonintimidating plan will help you clean up and kick off a fresh start. Let us know how it goes, will you?

Day 1

Remove cases from your phone and laptop and clean the surfaces.

Day 2

Delete apps you don't use.

Day 3

Organize your email inbox efficiently.

Day 4

Clean those grimy earbuds.

Day 5

Delete useless photos from your camera roll and SD cards.

Day 6

Make your passwords hacker-proof.

Day 7

Back up your data on an external hard drive.

Day 8

Install any computer system updates.

Day 9

Clean up your desktop by organizing folders.

Day 10

Use cable organizers to declutter your desk, or go wireless.

POPSUGAR Photography