7 Million Dropbox Accounts Have Been Hacked

In the wake of this week's huge Snapchat hack, another major company is being affected by a massive online information breach. A reported 7 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised, and hackers are releasing information in exchange for Bitcoin payments. Similarly to the Snapchat leak, the Dropbox hackers were able to compromise millions of accounts through the use of third-party sites — information stolen from these weaker sites was then used to access secure Dropbox files.

So how can you avoid this happening to you? First of all, avoid giving personal data like passwords to vulnerable third-party websites. But overall, when it comes to protecting yourself from online security breaches, passwords are everything. Never reuse passwords, especially between sites — this is exactly how the 7 million Dropbox accounts were hacked! Instead, try using a random password generator like LastPass to create virtually unhackable passwords. If everybody begins to take more control over their Internet security, hopefully there will be fewer of these unfortunate, large-scale information breaches in the future. Source: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock