You Can Delete All iPhone Texts at Once With This Hack, and My Mind Is Blown

TikTok is a glorious black hole filled with eye-opening beauty tutorials, genius money-saving tips, adorable pet videos, and, as I recently discovered, extremely helpful tech hacks. In a viral clip that's garnered more than 18,000 likes on the app, TikTok user Daniel Paiz shares how to delete all of your iPhone text messages in bulk, rather than one at a time, and it's a total game changer. I mean seriously, how have I gone so long without knowing this is a thing?

Usually when my phone is in serious need of a storage cleanse, I get rid of old text conversations individually by swiping left and pressing the red "delete" button. It's time-consuming AF, and I usually give up when I'm about 15 conversations deep and still in need of said storage cleanse. Little have I known, there's an alternative method that allows you to delete tons of messages at once.

As pointed out by Daniel, all you have to do is place two fingers on a text conversation in your Messages app, and then drag both of them downward on the screen to highlight however many you'd like to get rid of. Once you have the desired amount highlighted, press the "delete" button in the lower righthand corner, and voila! You just earned back some serious megabytes on your smartphone. My dwindling iPhone storage and I sincerely thank you for the hack, TikTok.