Apple's New Update Lets You Unlock Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch — Here's How

Apple is always coming out with innovative features, and its newest iOS 14.5 update is much needed, especially because some of it focuses on current pandemic-related issues. The tech giant just launched a feature that allows users to unlock their iPhone with their Apple Watch — and, most importantly, it can be done with a mask on! This new innovation only works for people who have an iPhone that uses Face ID (iPhone X or later) and an Apple Watch that is a Series 3 or later. Additionally, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone and they both need to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on (you don't need to be connected to a WiFi network, though). To take advantage of this new feature, follow these easy steps:

  1. First, your Apple Watch needs to be on your wrist and unlocked.
  2. You also need to be wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  3. Once those two steps are complete, open the Settings app.
  4. Tap "Face ID & Passcode" and type in your passcode.
  5. Scroll down to "Unlock With Apple Watch" and turn on the feature that's next to your watch's name. If your watch doesn't have wrist detection enabled, you'll need to turn that on.
  6. Now that your Apple Watch is set up to unlock your phone, simply glance at your phone and you'll feel a gentle buzz on your Apple Watch as it unlocks your iPhone.

The cool thing about this feature is that if you have a mask on (or even if you don't), your iPhone only needs to scan part of your face instead of the whole thing. Now when you have this feature turned on you don't need to hurriedly pull your mask down to make Face ID work or have to fumble around while trying to put your passcode in. The future of tech is at your fingertips!