TikTok Users Are Sharing the Wildest iPhone Hacks, and We Bet You Didn't Know These

TikTok is the place to go for all things hack-wise, especially when it comes to iPhone tips and tricks. Apple is no stranger to way-cool tech advances, and iPhones are filled with shortcuts, techniques, and little-known secrets that even some of the most tech-savvy people don't know about. For one, who knew that the Apple icon on the back of your phone is actually an extra button you can use? That should be common knowledge for iPhone users, not only because it's cool, but because it's also super useful!

If you're interested in getting the most out of your phone, these hacks discovered by TikTok users will amp up your screen time like never before. Complete with ways to take the coolest photos for Instagram-worthy content, unlock your phone using face ID with a face mask on (!), and ways to make your battery life longer, these hacks will give you a much better and advanced user experience. Keep reading to see the most groundbreaking iPhones from TikTok, ahead.


How to Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing a Face Mask

To program the Face ID on your iPhone to recognize you while you have a face mask on, follow these steps. First, go to "Settings," and then "Face ID." Tap "Set Up an Alternate Appearance," and remove your mask so it recognizes you face. Then put your mask on for the rest of the set up. Now you can unlock your phone while wearing a mask!


How to Make the Photo Quality on an iPhone Better

For some odd reason, iPhones don't already have the nicest camera quality programmed. To fix this, go to "Settings," then "Camera," then "Record Video," and switch the settings to 4k at 60 fps, and it'll make the quality so much better.


How to Take Full-Page Screenshots on iPhone With Scrolling

To screenshot an entire page, first make sure make sure your phone has the iOS 13 update and that you're using Safari rather than another browser or app. Second, screenshot the page like you usually would, holding down the upper volume button and the button on the opposite side. Third, click the screenshotted image that pops up on the bottom left-hand corner of your phone, then click "Full Page" at the top. Next, use the scroll bar on the right to scroll for as long as you want the screenshot to be. Once you've done that, click "Done" and "Save PDF to Files." Last, open your Files app, and you'll find the entire screenshot with your other recent files. How cool is that?!


How to Use Panorama Mode on an iPhone to Take Better Images

Step up your selfie game with this cool iPhone hack. To take cooler images, try using your phone in panorama mode while your phone is sideways. This way you can capture everything you want in the image from skyscrapers to the stars.


How to Get Water Out of iPhone Speakers

If your phone comes in contact with water, here's how to get it out. Go to Google, and search "water shortcut." Go to the Shortcuts Gallery link in Google, and hit "Get Shortcut." Then say "Hey, Siri, water eject shortcut," and your phone will make a sound that will get water out of the speakers. Why this is not more well known beats us!


How to Lock Your iPhone So People Can't Scroll Through Your Images

To make sure people don't see more photos than they need to while they're on your phone, go to "Accessibility," and turn on "Guided Access." Then go to "Passcode Settings." Enable your passcode. Before you hand someone your phone, triple tap the lock button and click on "Guided Access." Then, turn on "Motion" and "Keyboards." Now, no one can scroll though your camera roll.


How to Flip Your Front-Facing Camera on Your iPhone to Mirror Mode

If you usually open Snapchat to take a selfie because you hate the way you look in your front-facing camera on your iPhone, follow this trick. Just go to "Camera" in the Settings app, and press "Mirror Front Camera." Who knew?


How to Take a Video With a Song Playing

If you want to record a video and have music playing in the background, this trick will let you do just that. Simply play the song you want, go to the camera, go to where it says "Photo", drag the red button to the right, and your phone will continue to let the music play while you take a video.


How to Turn a Live Photo Into a Video

If you have a live photo that you love, this hack will be your new favorite thing about your iPhone. Go to the live photo you like, and click the button in the lower left-hand corner. Scroll down to where it says "Save as Video." This will then turn the live photo into a video that will be saved in your camera roll.


How to Make a Video With Multiple Live Photos

Want to create an Instagram-worthy video? Follow these steps. First, make sure you have live photo on. Then, snap away. Go to your photo library, and select all the images you want to include in your video. Click "Save as Video" and check out your new masterpiece.


How to Screenshot With the Back of Your iPhone

Did you know that the Apple icon on the back of your phone is actually a tool that can be used? Why is this not more well known, you ask? We have no clue. Here's how to program this cool trick. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone and select "Accessibility." In the "Accessibility" section, select "Touch." From there, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Back Tap." Select "Double Tap" or "Triple Tap" depending on your preference. Set the amount of taps to correspond with different actions, including screenshots. You can also choose from accessibility features like "Magnifier" and "VoiceOver."


How to AirDrop an App to an iPhone

AirDrop apps from one phone to another when you use this hack. Press down on the app you want to send and click "Share App." AirDrop it to the person you want, and your work here is done.


How to Unlock an iPhone With Your Voice

Guess what? You don't need to type in a password to unlock your phone! First, go to "Accessibility," and then "Voice Control." Then hit "Customize Commands." From there, click "Create New Command," and type in whatever phrase you want to use to unlock your phone. Then hit "Action," and "Run Custom Gesture," and type in what your passcode is. Now, when you say the command, your phone will unlock.


How to Record a Video and Take Photos at the Same Time

Take a photo and video at the same time when you copy this cool hack. Just go into your camera, go to "Video," hit the record button and pull it over to the right. Now you can take pictures while recording a video.


How to Navigate Open Apps

The small bar at the bottom of your phone can be used to move between open apps on your phone. Just swipe with your fingers and watch as it opens up apps. To delete open apps, just slide up on them and they will close out.


How to Get Longer Battery Life on an iPhone

Go to "Settings," "General," "Background App Refresh," and hit "Off." Then, go to "Accessibility," "Motion," and hit "Reduce Motion." Then, go to "Privacy," "Location Services," and go down to "System Services." Turn off "Location-Based Alerts," "Location-Based Ads," and "Location-Based Suggestions." Scroll down and turn off "iPhone Analytics," "Popular Near Me," and "Routing and Traffic." This will significantly help your batter life last longer.


How to Find Hidden Cameras With Your iPhone

If you're staying in a questionable hotel or Airbnb, this hack will make you feel much more comfortable in your surroundings. Since iPhones can detect infrared signals, you can see if there are any hidden cameras around you. To do this, using your phone's front-facing camera in a dark room, and if you see flashes of light then you know there might be a camera in the room.


How to Make Siri Show You Photos From a Specific Date

Want to see the photos you took on a certain day, but don't want to comb through your phone to find them? Ask Siri! Just say "Hey, Siri, show me the photos (from the day you want)," and she will pull them up in your camera roll.


How to Undo and Redo an iMessage

If you want to delete an iMessage quickly, simply shake your phone. A pop-up will appear that says "Undo Typing." If you want to undo it, hit "Undo." If you didn't want to undo it but accidentally hit undo, just shake your phone again and it will prompt a pop-up to appear to that says "Redo Typing." Hit "Redo," and your message will reappear.


How to Make a Photo's Background Blurry on an iPhone

Make every selfie a masterpiece with this cool tip. When you're in portrait mode on your camera, go to the settings for the picture, and hit "Contour Light." Click the little "f" button in the top right corner to adjust the aperture. This will determine how blurry to make your background. Play around with that and adjust your photo to how you want it.


How to Keep Someone From Turning Off Your iPhone Location

If you phone gets stolen and your iPhone's control center is able to accessed, then someone can easily turn on Airplane mode and keep it from getting tracked. To avoid this, go to "Settings" then "Face ID," and scroll down to where it says "Control Center" and "USB Accessories." Turn both off both of those. Now, no one can pull down the control center.


How to Create a Shortcut For Typing Out Your Email Address

Typing out your full email address is pretty annoying, but luckily this hack is here to help. Go to "Settings," "General," "Keyboard," and then "Text Replacement." Make the phrase your email address, and then the shortcut something easy. Now, any time you type out the shortcut, it will add your email address into the text.


How to Search a Specific Word on an iPhone Safari Page

You know how you can hit "Command" and "F" to find a word on a page when you're using your computer? You can do something similar to find a word on a page when you're using your iPhone. Simply type the word you're looking for into the search bar at the top of the web page. Scroll down to where it says "On This Page," and all the matches for that word will come up on the page you're reading.


How to Make Your iPhone Charger Talk to You

Here's a weird and quirky iPhone hack you didn't ask for! Want to make your charger talk to you when you plug it into your phone. Why not, right? First, go to "Shortcuts." Then, go to "Create Personal," and go to "Charger." Press "Next" and add an action. Type in "Speak" and write in the phrase or word you want your phone to say. Plug your charger into your phone, and see what happens.


How to Use Your Phone to Listen In From Another Room

This hack has made its rounds, but dang, is it wild. To eavesdrop into a room you're not in, follow these steps. Go to "Settings" and then "Control Center," and hit where it says "Customize Controls." Add the "Hearing" tool. Connect your phone to your AirPods and activate "Live Listen." Then you'll be able to listen to everything remotely. Cool but scary, right?


How to Make It Look Like You're Looking at Someone on FaceTime

If you get distracted during FaceTime calls, this tip will help. Go to "Settings," "FaceTime," and turn on the switch where it says "Eye Contact." This will make it look like you're looking at your friend even if you're not paying attention.


How to Fill an iPhone Screen With Emojis

Have some fun with emojis when you test out this fun trick. To make emojis fill an iMessage, simply type out the emojis you want to use and space them out, and hold down the send button. Hit "Screen" and then send the message.


How to Upgrade Your iPhone Background

Make your iPhone background much more fun when you follow this cool hack. Open the TikTok app, and convert a video you like into a live photo. Then open up your photos, and select the new live photo. Set it as your lock screen, and once you do that, you'll be able to hold your finger down on the screen and see it in action.


How to Make Your iPhone Speaker Louder

If you want to make you iPhone speaker louder, follow these steps. First, go to "Accessibility." Then go to "Audio" and turn off "Phone Noise Cancellation." Go to "Hearing Devices," and turn on "Hearing Aid Compatibility." Go to "Music," and select "Late Night" for EQ. Turn on "Sound Check." Now, the speaker will sound louder.


How to Draw in the Notes Section of an iPhone

Did you know you could draw and doodle in the Notes section of your iPhone? Here's how: open the Notes app, and click the small marker icon towards the right of the bottom of your screen. You can pick different colors, pen points, and you can even use an eraser and ruler to perfect your artwork.