Instagram Just Added the Ability to Send Voice Recordings, and People Have Mixed Feelings

Instagram announced on Monday that it added the ability to send voice memos via direct messages. Just like that little microphone icon in iMessage, you can hold down the icon in an Instagram message and record your voice for up to a minute. If you want to re-record after listening, you can slide your finger over the trash can icon and delete your first attempt. The message appears in the form of a sound wave, and voilá! Once you send it, your recipient can listen to your message, whether it's a "happy birthday" recording, a random joke, or a juicy secret you want to share with your group message. Unlike photos and videos, these voice messages won't disappear, and you can listen to them repeatedly.

Many people have pointed out that Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps have already had a voice feature for years and that Instagram is late to the game. Other users are unsure if this is a feature they even want — when's the last time you got excited about listening to a voicemail? Either way, this is just another fun new Instagram feature to play around with, and it's definitely convenient if you're driving or on the go.

Instagram Rolled Out Voice Messaging on Dec. 10

Voice Messages Can Be Up to 1 Minute Long

Voice Messages Can Be Up to 1 Minute Long

Some Users Are Bored by the Update