Don't Attempt to Solve This Math Question, You'll Just End Up Confused

Another puzzling math question has not only stumped a 10-year-old but also his grandma. The homework math assignment in question was given out to Year Five students in the UK (equivalent to US fourth grade) and asked, "Calculate the perimeter of these composite rectilinear shapes." A photo of the problem is below.

The Year Five's grandma and father were not happy with the problem at all. "My son's grandma had spent a while helping him with his homework and most of it was straightforward but this one question left her stumped," the boy's 43-year-old father said to Manchester Evening News.

When the father posted the question to the internet, people surprisingly came to a general consensus that even though the question appeared tricky, it was actually easy to solve, unlike this algebraic question posed to 6- and 7-year-olds.

@MENnewsdesk took less than a minute to solve this 'impossible' question. They're both 44. What do I win?

— Jimmy Blenkinsop (@JimmyBlenkinsop) June 8, 2016

Though a few adults were able to give this question a try, we can see how it would be hard for a 10-year-old. Have you solved the problem yet?