There's a Period Emoji Coming, So I Guess That's a Step in the Right Direction

It's announced! We're super excited to let you know that we're finally getting a #PeriodEmoji!

It is coming to keyboards from March 2019🎉

Find out more here▶

— PlanInternational UK (@PlanUK) February 6, 2019

All of the emoji you normally use to indicate that you're on your cycle can go back to their original uses now, because thanks to a campaign led by Plan International UK, we're finally getting the period emoji that we all bloody deserve (sorry). Plan International UK is a girls' rights organization that's spent the last few years attempting to get the emoji added to keyboards as a way to destigmatize periods, and make it an easier topic for women to talk to their peers about.

"The fact so many women in this country still find it difficult to talk to work colleagues, friends, and family about their period shows that it remains a taboo subject and something women feel ashamed to discuss," Girls' Rights Campaign Manager Lucy Russell said when the push began in 2017. "We know that these taboos can have a damaging impact on the lives of girls around the world. Many missing school because they face bullying or unfair treatment, or experiencing infections due to a lack of menstrual hygiene education and products."

Russell continued, "Women have told us that by having an emoji, it will make it easier for them to talk about periods with others and so that's why we're addressing the need and creating something that everyone can use. Hopefully this will go some way towards breaking down the stigma surrounding periods once and for all." Unicode officially confirmed in February that the character, a red drop of blood, will be released with the newest batch of emoji coming soon.