The 1 Thing You Didn't Know Could Be Putting You at Risk During Wedding Planning

It's no secret that most brides-to-be plan their weddings online. After all, with so many apps and websites out there, it'd be silly not to. However, many couples forget the most important rules of internet safety, which 100 percent apply to your wedding planning and honeymoon. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) put together a fun and important infographic that outlines key tips to remember, including:

  • Add two-step authentication to all your accounts.
  • Create strong and unique passwords.
  • Think about your guests' privacy when it comes to sharing photos of the big day.
  • Don't use location services on your honeymoon photos.
  • Be careful what you do on free WiFi hotspots.

So whether you're planning your wedding hashtag or even buying your wedding dress online, follow this complete list of tips.

Stay Safe Online