6 Reasons Selfies Need to Go Away — and 1 Reason They Shouldn't

Not to hate on the selfie, but we're about to hate on the selfie. It was 2013's word of the year, and you can't swipe your social feeds without seeing at least a couple. Frankly, it's gotten outta control, and here's why we could all use a day without one.

Selfies Can Be Stupid

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Take a cue from this guy who tried to take a selfie while a train passed a "safe" distance behind him. The conductor wasn't amused and kicked him in the head. Lesson = learned.

Viral Selfies Can't Be Trusted

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Look, we loved Ellen's celebrity-packed Oscar selfie as much as the next person. But we lost a little faith in humanity when we found out it was (probably) a Samsung product placement.

Then, Samsung did it again when Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz took a selfie with Barack Obama as part of another promotion, and the White House threatened to end all selfies with the president.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Selfie Fails Are Real

Remember that time Geraldo Rivera tweeted a shirtless selfie that no one wanted to see, ever? Or when Hilary Duff terrified her baby because of her snap? Or, better yet, when Kim Kardashian tried to take a selfie with an elephant and it totally backfired? Maybe it's a sign that selfies have gone too far.

Selfie Help Is Ridiculous

These days, we've got selfie apps, selfie remotes, and even — brace yourselves — a two-way selfie mirror that takes your picture and posts it to Twitter. Sheesh, people.

They're Addictive


On a serious note, some people get addicted to selfies — like Danny, a teenager in the UK who got so obsessed with taking the perfect one that it drove him to attempt suicide. Sure, selfies can be silly, but when they lead to major self-image issues, it's time to reassess.

Selfies Are Annoying

Let's be honest: a lot of the selfies out there are braggy and vain. How many times do we need to see Bieber shirtless . . . on vacation? (Yeah, millions of fans will disagree with that one.) People are even taking duck-face selfies at funerals. Gross.

Not all are annoying, though . . .

Actually, Sometimes Selfies Can Be Great

Reddit user Hue__Jass via Imgur

Really, really great.

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