Skype Qik Is the Best Snapchat Alternative

The future of Skype doesn't look like the Skype you know and love at all — it looks more like a more elegant version of Snapchat. Skype Qik, which launches today on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, is the latest in self-destructing, temporary messaging platforms. Take a video message, send it to a group of friends, and wait for the flood of replies to come back in. Sound familiar? It's like Snapchat, except Skype Qik is set up to be more of a two-way conversation, and it's way prettier.

Messages can be up to 42 seconds, and they automatically disappear in two weeks. You sign up with your phone number, and Skype will send you a verification number. No usernames, no passwords, no logging in even. No Microsoft or Skype account necessary. Every time you open up the app, you're automatically logged in, so be sure that you don't accidentally hand over your phone if you're expecting some incriminating messages. It connects with your phone's contacts, so you can add anyone at any time.

The coolest feature is that you can save canned responses. So if side-eye is your go-to Emoji, you can prerecord a sassy glance and send it over and over again.

The interface is beautiful, and the video sending process is really quick. Could this replace Snapchat? After last week's major Snapchat hacking, Skype Qik very well could.