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The Best Car Hacks You Can Learn From TikTok

The Best Car Hacks You Can Learn From TikTok — From the Very Useful to the Wild and Weird


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TikTok users have proved time and time again that there are more than just a couple life hacks that people are unaware of — especially when it comes to cars. Luckily, the app's users have taken to the platform to share their most useful car tricks that have improved their time behind the wheel, and to say they're game-changing is an understatement. Need some examples? Tiktok user @arlinda_oxo wowed viewers when she extended the sun visor in her car to block the rays from the sun in a hard-to-reach spot. Who knew the sun visor was expandable? Another user showed his trick for getting pet hair out of the car with ease. (FYI, you would never guess what tool he uses.)

If you think you know all there is to know about cars, TikTok begs to differ. These car hacks are so creative, clever, and useful that you'll want to take note of them the next time you head out for a drive. Whether you want to know how to clean the dirt out of your cupholders or you want to see how to really unroll your windows, keep reading to see the best car tips and tricks from TikTok, ahead.

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