The Term "AS" Has Been Floating Around TikTok, and Its Meaning Is Such a Throwback

If you stayed up past your bedtime in the early aughts (guilty) and turned on Cartoon Network, chances are you ran into Adult Swim. Adult Swim was and still is a hilarious stream of inappropriate TV shows that don't have to be censored, so yeah, lots of swears and unforeseen sex jokes (and some occasional nudity). Shows like Rick and Morty, Final Space, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and others fell under Adult Swim. Famously, Adult Swim used to air bumpers — clips between commercial breaks — during daytime TV. They were typically short and vague and hinted at the idea of Adult Swim without saying what it really was — a genius marketing ploy if you ask us. But how does this relate to TikTok?

Well, if you've missed seeing these fun teases on your TV screen, you don't have to anymore, because TikTok has brought them back stronger than ever. Using the hashtag #as or #adultswim, TikTokers are creating all-new bumpers for the network, and it's honestly so nostalgic. From creative shorts to fun sketches, TikTok users are having a ball with the idea. See them for yourself ahead.