The Internet's New Hand Challenge Might Seem Like Sorcery, but It's Actually Super Simple

The teens are back with another social media challenge that seems to have the sole purpose of making us adults feel uncoordinated and incompetent. Shortly after the Dele Alli Hand Challenge went viral, another hand challenge — yes, another, if you can imagine — started making the rounds. Created by Twitter user Kay_Dera, the new trick makes it seem like one's hands magically swap places immediately after the fingers are interlocked.

In just a few days, the original video received thousands of retweets and responses from other users attempting the optical illusion. It might seem like sorcery, but the trick is actually quite simple once broken down. Thanks to this slowed-down demonstration, you can see that the interlocked fingers must swiftly let go to allow the hand in the front to form a fist. Speed is an important factor in making the trick look seamless. Still confused? See some examples ahead.