Apple Just Released a New Security Update — Here's What You Need to Know About It

For many iPhone users, it seems as if there's always a new Apple update that they need to install on their devices. This week, yet another update is available, iOS 14.4.2, but it's actually an important security update that all iPhone users should immediately download. The new update addresses a vulnerability problem in Apple's WebKit browser engine, which the tech giant worries has already been exploited. These security concerns make it essential for iPhone users to install the update as soon as possible to ensure their devices are protected from attackers. Apple is so concerned about the security breach that it also released an iOS 12.5.2 update for people who have devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, and older iPads so they can also keep their iOS 12 operating systems safe.

The bottom line: Apple's iOS 14.4.2 update is an important way to keep your devices safe, so download it as soon as you can. Since this is purely a security-based issue, users do not have to worry about bugs or problems stemming from the update. In addition to this update, iOS 14.5 is set to launch within the next few weeks. This update will add new improvements to devices and let users be able to unlock an iPhone with an Apple Watch, add new shortcut actions, play around with more emoji, improve battery health, and more. The next time your phone prompts you to download an update, jump on it so you can make sure your devices are not only up to date but also safe.