Teens Are Doing a New Challenge That Even You Can Accomplish

As we like to say on the internet, you don't choose the meme — the meme chooses you. OK maybe only I say that, but the latest meme on the internet is one that won't have you thinking about Vans or banana peels — all it involves is simply flipping a water bottle.

The challenge is relatively new, considering the teen who accidentally started it, Mike Senatore, only went viral with it a few days ago. All Senatore did was perfectly flip a water bottle in the air and have it land upright on a table for his high school talent show. The internet completely lost it, so now of course, they're trying to imitate it.

Check out some of our favorite ones and please try it. It's kinda fun and will show you that it's even easier to do than you think, but maybe not as fun as the Running Man Challenge.

Here's the original video that went viral.

See, anyone can really do it.

Try it with a straight poker face.

Pump up the music for it.

Or just casually do it everywhere and anywhere.

Do it when you're bored in class.

Even news anchors are trying their luck at doing it.

Some people are starting to flip other items.

And parents are joining in on the fun.

Film it and slow down your achievement in slo-mo.

But not everyone is blessed with the gift.

It's OK — you will be!