Your 2022 Spotify Wrapped Is Here

From personal, zodiac-themed playlists to collaborations with your besties, Spotify has given its users many fun features over the years, the most popular being the Wrapped experience. Spotify Wrapped, the data-driven musical culmination of a Spotify user's year, breaks down your yearly activity with cute slideshow visuals, celebrating — or exposing — your music taste with data collected from Jan. 1 all the way to Oct. 31. If, like the rest of us, you've been wondering when Spotify Wrapped would be available this year and what it will reveal about your listening habits, we're thrilled to share that the wait is finally over. Spotify Wrapped 2022 has arrived!

This year, Wrapped delivers the classic shareable graphics of your top artists, genres, and songs, as well as a new cool feature: your Music Listening Personality. This Spotify-created label reveals how you listen to music, such as whether you play the same artist over and over or are always in search of a new sound.

Along with these personalized features, Spotify has also released its global year-end data, unveiling the world's favorite artists. Bad Bunny's crown remains intact with the No. 1 spot for most-streamed artist in the world. Taylor Swift is right behind him in the second spot, followed by Drake, The Weeknd, and BTS. To no one's surprise, "Un Verano Sin Ti" and "Harry's House" take the top two spots for most-streamed albums, followed by Olivia Rodrigo's "Sour," Ed Sheeran's "=," and Doja Cat's "Planet Her."

When Will Spotify Wrapped 2022 Be Released?

As of Nov. 30, Spotify Wrapped is available for viewing, sharing, and, most importantly, listening. Assuming your app is updated to the latest version, it should appear in your Spotify account. You can learn more about the feature here.

How Do I See My Spotify Wrapped 2022 Information?

If you open up the Spotify app on your phone or computer, you should see a pop-up notification appear within the app. This will allow you to navigate to your full, animated 2022 Spotify Wrapped story, which features your most-played songs, artists, genres, and more fun facts about your Spotify listening history that you may find incredibly interesting or entirely embarrassing, depending on your Spotify habits. You should also be able to navigate to your Spotify Wrapped via your home page, where you'll most likely see a dedicated banner. The feature also provides you with custom playlists, including Your Top Songs.

To top things off, Spotify makes all of the cards in the slideshow shareable — so if you're not afraid to let anyone know just how many times you streamed Taylor Swift this year (or if you just want to brag), you have the freedom to share your results on Instagram Stories, Facebook, or Twitter.

What If I Don't See My Spotify Wrapped 2022 Playlist and Story?

If you aren't seeing your 2022 Spotify Wrapped anywhere within the app (even when you search for it), try quitting the app and restarting it. If that doesn't work, your app may not be up to date, in which case you should head to your phone's app store and verify that you have the latest version of Spotify. If neither fix works, you can always reach out to Spotify's support center for help.

— Additional reporting by Clara Amelia