Here's Your Perfect Spotify Playlist, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Music and astrology are constantly making us feel seen. From a song lyric to your yearly horoscope, either can make you think someone has been peeking into your thoughts because that was just way too relatable. Well, have you ever wondered what your music library would look like if you threw astrology into the mix? What if you could organize your music library based on the zodiac signs? Look no further than Zodiac Affinity, a Spotify playlist generator created by Javier Blázquez, Lucas Aranda, and Maria Artalejo. The site is incredibly easy to use; it calls upon the cosmos to curate a short but satisfying playlist using your unique taste in music and whichever zodiac signs speak to you the most. It may even give your yearly Spotify Wrapped playlist a run for its money.

Zodiac Affinity takes your favorite songs and the constellations, letting you know which of your favorite songs align more with your zodiac sign. Use the site with your friends, and compare what songs have been stuck in your heads based on their sign. Keep reading to find out how you can get your own astro playlist.

How to Get a Zodiac Affinity Playlist on Spotify

  1. First, log into your Spotify account on Zodiac Affinity's website. This involves approving the site's access to certain data, such as your Spotify username, your saved library, your Spotify top artists, etc. You can revoke access to this information at any time.
  2. Once you've granted access, you're brought to a Zodiac Affinity page with just a single drop-down menu of zodiac signs.
  3. Select the sign that calls to you the most, and you'll see the selection of songs you've listened to recently that fit the zodiac sign you selected.

It works similarly to Spotify's Audio Aura feature, a part of Spotify Wrapped that assigns you a colorful aura based on the sounds and vibes of your favorite music.

As a Taurus and first-time user of Zodiac Affinity, I was curious to see which songs in my Spotify library aligned most with the chill yet persistent bull energy we Taureans are known for. To find out, I simply selected "Taurus" from the initial drop-down menu and waited briefly while the cosmos whipped up a five-song playlist specifically for my zodiac sign. While it remains a secret of the universe just how each song is selected, the Taurus playlist created for me felt like a perfect representation of my sign.

Zodiac Affinity card for Taurus
Zodiac Affinity

While I absolutely loved all of these songs for their own individual reasons, I could instantly see an astrological connection between the tracks that felt affirming for my sign. Criibaby's "Some Kinda Voodoo," for example, mirrors the tranquil and loving nature of a Taurus with its beautifully harmonized vocals and endearing lyrics. Kanis's "Tic Toc" emulates the infamous Taurean tenacity with its vivacious beat and dynamic flows. As for Bad Bunny's "Safaera," well, let's just say that's a taste of what you'll get when a Taurus is ready to come out of their shell.

Curating a playlist specifically catered to your sign is exciting, but the real fun of Spotify's Zodiac Affinity comes from finding out which of your favorite songs align with certain zodiac signs of those around you. Whether it's that of your friend, family member, or partner, curating songs from your library based on the astrological signs of the people in your life can help you bridge the gap between your loved ones' music tastes and yours. For example, if I happened to be in charge of music while on a road trip with my besties, I would combine the following songs together — catered to each of their zodiac signs — to make a master playlist that everyone could enjoy, while reaping the sweet benefit of jamming out to my absolute favorite songs with my favorite people. There's no greater win if you ask me.

Zodiac Affinity Spotify Playlist Examples

Zodiac Affinity card for Leo
Zodiac Affinity
tZodiac Affinity card for Aries
Zodiac Affinity
Zodiac Affinity card for Scorpio
Zodiac Affinity

Additional reporting by Theresa Massony