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Kanye's Gushy Quotes on Kim — Too Cute or Too Much?

Kanye on Kim Being Awesome: Too Cute or Too Much?

Kanye West is madly in love with Kim Kardashian, and he wants everyone to know it. While the rapper has been romancing his new fiancée since 2012, he has only recently started to open up about his admiration and support for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. While Kanye's love for his lady is cute, sometimes his comparisons and effusive comments can border on the saccharine — he's kind of like that friend on Facebook who won't stop publicly gushing over his girlfriend. We've gathered up some of Kanye's comments about his future wife, and we're asking you to weigh in: is Kanye being cute or bordering on being too much? Keep clicking to get started.