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21. Did they just CGI someone's body? Whoever that is, nice dancing. Dancing approved.

22. Maybe it's a hologram? Maybe it's a hologram.

23. Did Josh Groban just say he's bad at handshakes? Who even says that?

24. Wait, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry are all not here?

25. Did we know they were all going to be gone? I feel betrayed.

26. Did Beyoncé say it was OK for Carrie Underwood to borrow her fierceness fan?

27. Did Robin Thicke just call Paula Patton his beautiful wife? Did he forget what happened?

28. Who's going to tell him? Should we tell him?

29. Can we discuss 2 Chainz's "Thriller" jacket?

30. Why isn't Miley twerking?

31. No? Nothing?

32. Not even a slow-twerk?

33. Is slow-twerking even possible? Miley would totally know.

34. Jennifer Lopez is getting the icon award? I mean, OK. Kind of random, but sure!

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