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10-Minute Workout For Sexy Sculpted Arms

Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 10-Minute Arm Workout

Toned arms never go out of style. Take 10 minutes to work your biceps and triceps with Andrea Orbeck. She's trained many Victoria's Secret models, and now she'll train you in the comfort of your living room. Grab a set of dumbbells and get ready to sculpt sexy arms. Press play and follow along as Andrea leads you through this short but intense workout.

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I'm here with the Yoga Collection of the celebrity trainer, Andrea Orbeck, to learn a ten minute arm circuit. So, grab your 5 and 3 with some dumbbells and join us in today's Class FitSugar. Okay. So, standing nice and tall in your frame, make sure to roll your shoulder blades back the whole time. Your elbows at your ribs, palms facing up. We're gonna do 25 posture curls. Go ahead and lift up and slowly lower. Make sure that you're tall in your frame and your shoulders are down and back. You don't want the 10-pound in your hand to make you slouch. Nice work. Pull up and slowly lower. Very good. So, while you're doing these, we wanna isolate the biceps making sure that you're not losing your shoulder blades in this movement. Good job. We're gonna keep going for ten, nine more. Eight, good, seven. Keep your booty nice and quiet. abs are on, shoulders down and back. We're gonna hold after 4, last 3 and 2. Now, keep your palms to tuck, making sure your shoulders are down and back, elbows into rib decelerate to halfway, 45 degrees and roll on backup. So, you're gonna eccentrically lower or contract them up. We're here for 10. This is 8 more. 7. Booty strong. Six more. Last five, four more, three, two, one more curl up. Decelerate to 45. Hold it there, feel of biceps doing the work. Straighten your arms and then curl back up to 45. So, we wanna make sure we're getting every inch inch of the bicep contraction in this movement. Shoulders down and back add up posture, five more, four. We're gonna start to feel that burn. Last three. Last two, good. Now, hold. Lift your chest. Let those biceps hold the weight. Five, four, three, two and one. Good job. Straighten your arms. While they're still burning, go ahead and trade these fives up for your threes. Now that the biceps are all awake, go back into that nice, tall posture and we're gonna run the biceps, curls, palms facing up. You're gonna curl up, alternating. We're gonna go. All the way to 30, nice and quick. Try not to move your frame. Keep the biceps isolated. Good . Try and stay strong and . Your frame. Don't wiggle. Let those biceps run out nice and fast. We're gonna burn out quick even with using just three. Here we go. Ten, nine more. Shoulder, shoulder. Long neck. Here 's four and three, two, good, and one. Go back to that 45-degree. Squeeze your touch together and go ahead and do rotator cuff. So, while your biceps are holding a static hold, get some posture in there as well. Good. Last three 'til they stay open and two. Now, keep them open in here and we're gonna do last 20 lowering and lifting all all the way up. All that energy you have left in those bicep curls. Here we go. Good. Hold those shoulder blades together. Keep it going. Mine are starting to burn. Here we go. Ten more. Ten, nine, eight more. Seven burning arms. Three, here we go. Two, very good. One and slowly lower, good. So, we're gonna go ahead and do triceps. We're gonna trade those threes back for the fives and keeping your arms in a 90 degree angle. You're gonna go ahead and turn tilting over slightly through your tailbone and your knee. Pull your elbows back and you're gonna extend your arms straight and slowly lower. Now, the key with this is to keep a nice long spine. Weight is in heels. Back is slightly arched. Elbows, straightened and bent. Here we go. Good. Now, the key is to keep that posture while you're straightening and bending the elbows. Keep going, 15, 14. Nice long frame. Good. 12 more, 11, ten and nine. Let your posture. Eight, chin tucked in. Nice long neck, straighten those elbows. You're gonna feel your triceps burning. Four more. We're gonna do static. In three, good. In two. Now, hold those triceps. Elbows stay straight. Now, pelf ten times up with straight arms. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five four, three, two and one through your knees. Go ahead and stand on up. Trade these fives again for the three and go back into position. bent over triceps extension. This time we're gonna do single arms and run them fast for power. Hinder at your waist. Pull elbows back. One arm at a time. One two, three. All the way to 30. So, burnt out triceps. We're gonna get their last bit of opportunity for tone strength. Keep going. 20, 19, 18. Good. Long neck breathing. I know they're burning. Here's ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, hold on on four, three with posture, two and one. Good job. Go ahead and stand up. So, you're gonna take your five and go ahead and lay flat on your back for the rest of the triceps on the mat. So, we're gonna go ahead and finish the triceps circuit on the mat. Laying flat on your back, take your five with your feet flat, knees bent. Extend your arms like you're sleepwalking. Draw your shoulders clearly away from your ears. Bend your elbows so that the weight is close. Now from here, you're gonna straighten and bend. Straighten and bend. You want a strong, fast, abreast of tempo. Bend down and straighten. We're here for 30. Those fives are gonna really burn out the triceps . So, make sure that you keep your shoulders clearly away from your ears. Very good. Abs are nice and tight and as you start to burn out and you feel like those triceps are burning. You could slow down your tempo. Just keep your form. Good. Here we go. Ten, nine more. Well done. Keep going. I know it's starting to burn. Think about how great those arms are gonna look when you wave at someone and the arms don't wave back. Here we go. After two, keep your arms nice and straight. Again, pull your shoulders down. You're going to lower your elbows to your ribs, bending the elbows down into a 90-degree and then press up. Find your triceps in the movement. Again, the hardy tempo, up and down, up and down. Good. Great time to make sure your shoulders are away from your ears and your abs are on. Use your core stability to keep you nice and quiet through this movement. Good. Isolate those tries. Well done. Make sure you're breathing. You're going to start to feel those arms getting heavy. Be cross with your tempo. Here we go. Good. Last ten, last nine, eight. Hold on for five more. Four more, last three, last two. Very good. Last one. Bend your elbows to the ground. Straighten your arm 'till your fives are back on the mat. Switch them out for the threes and then go ahead and straighten your arms again like your sleepwalking, bring your shoulders down and back. We're going to do the triceps press, except you're going to do single arms relatively fast. You're going to bend one arm, palm by the temple, and lift palm by the tempo and lift. Now make sure you're not shrugging in this movement. You don't want your traps to do the work. You're isolating your triceps. One and down do and down, one and down, two and down. Good, Turn on your lats. Make sure your back is involved with holding the posture. very good. Abs are strong and tight. Nice and quick. 20 more. Keep the shoulders down. There's a tendency to shrug when you do French press. You need to be aware of where your posture is at. Very good, 12 more. Seven, six last four, last three, last two, last one. Double arms. Last time, twenty. Both arms are gonna go down by the temple. And then straightnow up nice a quick. Power out these last 20. Very good. Keep going. Know where your posture is. Now squeeze your abs in. The last ten, seven. Here's five more, four more, three, and two and one. Elbows down by your side, palms down, lift your hands above your head and stretch them out. Very good. Good arm circuit. Thanks so much for doing this with us. My pleasure. It was a great way to get out of that boring biceps-triceps routine. We killed it. Definitely. See you next time on FitSugarTV.

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