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Skipping Dinner For Cocktails

This is detrimental to weight loss for a number of reasons. Willow reminds us that "drinking on an empty stomach can lead to quicker intoxication," so even if you planned to just enjoy a few drinks, you'll end up losing the ability to make healthy choices and are more likely to order tons of food off the bar menu! Or even if the calories level out because you skipped dinner, you'll still have missed out on valuable nutrients, dropping your blood sugar levels. The result? Hunger coupled with the effects of alcohol will quickly nix that trip to the gym you planned. If you do enjoy your drinks with a meal, don't forget they add hundreds of calories without making you feel satisfied, warns Mitzi. The bottom line is to limit calories from beverages, and if you do go out for happy hour, enjoy one drink and spend the rest of the time sipping water.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts