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Keeping Time

Let him know that there isn't a second of the day that you're not thinking of him with a sleek and cool watch, like this one by Nixon ($380, originally $550).

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The Small Moments

This One Line a Day Memory Book ($17) is an adorable way for you to be a part of his everyday little moments. You can read through the memories he stored for you when you see him next!

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Sweet Sounds

An iPod Shuffle ($49) is an ideal gift if you and your guy are always bonding over music. You can even fill the iPod up with some of your favorite songs for him to listen to right away.

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For Staying Plugged In

A Power Bank Charger ($20) is perfect for your long-distance SO whose phone is always dying in the middle of conversations.

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A Love Note

This Logical Romance Card ($6) is a cheeky way to show that, despite the distance, they're still the only one for you in the ENTIRE world.

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For the Daily Conversations

The Monocle ($15, originally $40) is a speaker, handset, and speakerphone all in one. If you and your guy are the type to catch up for hours on the phone, this thoughtful gift is pretty much mandatory.

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Seeing You Soon

Make his next trek to see you a fashionable one with a rugged weekender duffle ($80).

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For His Dapper Days

If your man is the uberprofessional type, let him know you're supporting his endeavors from afar with a classy necktie ($19).

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Holding Hands in Spirit

Since you can't hold his hand every day, you can keep them warm instead with a set of gloves like this Denali pair ($30) from North Face.

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Lovin' Cup of Joe

He can think of you every morning when he's sipping on his coffee with this Lover Mug ($10).

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From Where He Stands

This 104 Things to Photograph book ($17) will keep your guy busy, and you can go through all of the hilarious pictures he takes along the way.

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For His Pics

Give him a Selfie Click Stick ($30) so it's easy for him to always send you snaps.

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Sweet Teeth

Let your guy know how sweet you are on him by sending him all of his favorite candy ($4).

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For the Future

This DIY Scratch-Off Globe ($34) is a romantic little way of reminding him of all the adventures that are in store for the two of you in the coming years.

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For Your Survival Man

This Lifeline First Aid Essential Survival Can ($10) is a no-brainer for your outdoorsy traveling man.

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Brews on Brews

A Beer of the Month Club subscription ($40 per month) is an awesome gift that keeps on giving. Your brew-loving beau will think of you every night when he's winding down with a smooth craft beer.

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