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18 Halloween Pinterest Fails That Will Give You a Good Scare

Oct 28 2015 - 5:00pm

Halloween [1] just got a whole lot scarier, and we're not talking about ghosts. Everyone feels inclined to get in the spooky spirit, whether it be decorating, baking, or dressing up. Sometimes our crafty efforts don't turn out quite as planned — especially when using Pinterest as inspiration. The addictive site gives us incredible ideas, but on occasion we run into major Pinterest fails [2]. As the quirkiest holiday of the year fast approaches, we can't help but laugh at some botched attempts at Pinterest perfection. Check out these mishaps and know that you're not alone in making some of the most terrifying projects on the block.
Source: Instagram [3]

Werewolf Pumpkin

More like angry cat pumpkin.

Monster Doughnuts

We bet you would be surprised if you opened this box of Krispy Kremes.

Minion Pumpkin

Looks like this Minion fell off a cliff.

Festive Wreath

This . . . unique wreath [4] looks like a recycling project gone wrong. Maybe less yarn next time?

Mummy Meatloaf

It looks like this mummy has become a little unraveled.

Comic Book Makeup Costume

More like Frida Kahlo gone wrong.

Yard Ghost

In case you were wondering, this chicken-wire creation is a ghost.

Tangled Web

This tangly-web [5] hanging pendant would have been a nice idea, but it looks like it didn't go quite as planned.

Cake Pops

More like cake blobs.

Etched Pumpkin

Eh, it's close enough.

Halloween Wedding Cake

Planning your wedding [6] is stressful enough . . . don't make your own cake [7], too!

Bejeweled Pumpkin

Sometimes less is more.


Was the look they were going for supposed to be a crime scene?

Pumpkin Pretzels

There's nothing like some gloppy pumpkin pretzels for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Chevron-Painted Pumpkins

Note to self: Paint doesn't stick to pumpkins [8] very well.

Source: Pinterest Fail [9]

Pumpkin Cake

Maybe it's the abstract version of a pumpkin cake [10]?

Source: Pinterest Fail [11]

Glitter Pumpkin

This Pinterest crafter thinks that only Kesha would appreciate her glitter pumpkin.

Source: Instagram user meganperret [12]

Cat Carving

This cat looks a little out of it.

Source: Instagram user fionzone [13]

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