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Gabriella Ferlita

Former Contributing Associate Editor, UK
Gabriella Ferlita was the Contributing Associate Editor at POPSUGAR UK. With over three years working on a number of Gen-Z lifestyle publications, she has written features on entertainment, women's health, sex and relationships, beauty, and news. Previously, she was an avid member of the Communities Desk at a social-first outlet, for which she was the vanguard of women's and LGBTQ+ issues, shedding light on those in the community who were affected by law changes and the stories in the news. She has had work published in Cosmopolitan UK, Glamour UK, Elite Daily, Tyla, LADbible, UNILAD, Insider, the Mirror, and more. She has also appeared in podcasts, sharing her expertise as a former freelance journalist for Freelancing for Journalists. She graduated with a First Class Honours degree from The University of Roehampton, London. She loves to segue in a mention of her Toyger cat, Clarence, into almost every conversation.

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