This TikTok User's 12 Days of Christmas Makeup Challenge Is So Inventive, We Can't Look Away

Some people prefer to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with music, others with Advent calendars full of treats, but we prefer the makeup addition, like the one TikTok user Embla Wigum is doing. Wigum is a 21-year-old Iceland-based makeup artist who likes to create next-level illustrations and special-effect looks using makeup and face paint and right now, on her TikTok page she's doing a different holiday-inspired look every day leading up to Dec. 25.

It doesn't have to be the holidays for Wigum to feel inspired to pull out an amazing makeup look, but it sure helps. For Halloween this year she busted out jaw-dropping look after look, but her Christmas creations are especially inventive. Here's how her 12 days of Christmas makeup challenge works: Wigum wrote down different holiday makeup looks and numbered them one through 12. Each day she pulls a piece of pager out of a cup with a number on it and runs with the idea it dictates. On the list is Rudolph, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, nutcracker, gingerbread cookie, and even "decorating gone wrong."

"I got the idea from the 31 days of Halloween trend that I have done before, but I turned it into a Christmas trend," Wigum told POPSUGAR. "I had a few ideas for looks that I had seen before on TikTok, but I decided on the rest on the spot and wrote them all quickly in my notebook. I had no idea they would get this much attention." Wigum already has a little over 505K followers on TikTok and her latest Christmas makeup challenge has gone viral, garnering her even more attention.

With five holiday makeup looks down and seven to go, we can't wait to see the rest of Wigum's creations.

Day 1: The Grinch

Day 2: Snow Miser Heat Miser

Day 3: Rudolph

Day 5: Christmas Clown