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Beauty by POPSUGAR Mascara Review

This Double-Ended Mascara Perfectly Elongates My Top AND Bottom Lashes

Beauty by POPSUGAR Mascara Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

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I take my mascara choices very seriously. While some people consider full eyebrows their pride and joy and spend more time styling them than their actual hair, I treat my eyelashes that way (my mom really came through with those lash genetics, OK?). Therefore, I don't waste my money on just any mascara and have been known to stick with the same one for 10 years straight. I guess you could call me a mascara monogamist.

When Beauty by POPSUGAR launched and I excitedly perused the collection online (yes, I work here, but I couldn't wait to see the products in action), I admit I was skeptical about the mascara. The black mascara I swipe on every day needs to create long, voluminous, and thick but not too thick lashes — and absolutely no clumping. I'm not totally averse to trying new ones, but I definitely suss them out first.

The Beauty by POPSUGAR Thick + Thin Mascara ($25) has a unique design that I wouldn't normally opt for: a double-ended tube that includes a thick brush and a much thinner one, each pooling from the same mascara but on different sides. I typically only apply mascara to my top lashes, mostly because a coat on my bottom layer looks too spidery. I was really intrigued about how much of a difference the delicate brush would make (it's for top-line definition and bottom application), so I chose the mascara and the Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm ($20) as my first purchases.

And you know what? Color me surprised, but I love this mascara. After a week of wearing it, I've decided this is fantastic for an everyday look. It doesn't give me va-va-voom lashes that I look for when going out, but it doesn't create a minimal look, either — it's somewhere in between. Take a look at the mascara in action, and you'll see what I mean.

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