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Celebrities With Buzz Cuts: See Photos

The Best Celebrity Buzz Cuts of All Time

Celebrities With Buzz Cuts: See Photos

  • Buzz cuts are a short hairstyle that will add an edge to your look.
  • Celebrities like Doja Cat, Halsey, and Joey King have all gotten the haircut.
  • See the best celebrity buzz cuts to get some inspiration for your own haircut ahead.

Over the last few years, many celebrities have been making the bold beauty decision to shave their heads — with some even going completely bald. Others have taken the "closely shaven" approach and are wearing their new shorter hair in an edgier style: a buzz cut.

With stars like Jason Momoa, Doja Cat, Ireland Baldwin, and Maisie Williams all being added to the buzz-cut fan club, it seems the closely cropped style is becoming quite the haircut trend. But if you're considering trying it yourself, there are a few things to note.

First, always err on the side of caution. "If you are unsure of the length of the buzz cut, start on the longer side," hairstylist Jennifer Korab previously told POPSUGAR. "It is important to communicate the length you are looking for." Michelle Cleveland, hairstylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon, agrees. "Considering just how short the hair will turn out with a buzz cut, I would be certain to tell your stylist what your goal is regarding length," she previously told POPSUGAR. "For example: 'I want to see skin' or 'I'd like to be able to still grab some hair.'"

While some of the aforementioned celebrities have gone under the clippers for roles in movies and TV shows, other stars have decided to get rid of their length in the name of style. If you're considering doing the same, ahead you'll see some of your favorite stars who have worn the daring haircut, as well as their reasons behind their decisions.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

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