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Expert Tips For Finding Your Best Hair Color

This Is How to Find Your Ideal Hair Color, According to the Pros

Expert Tips For Finding Your Best Hair Color

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  • Trying out a new hair color is one of the surest ways to turn heads.
  • However, finding the color that best works for you can feel overwhelming.
  • To help you figure it out, we asked professional hairstylists how to determine your best hair color, whether at home or at a salon.

There is no better way to revamp your look than with a new hair color. Celebrities like Saweetie, Florence Pugh, and Bowen Yang seem to agree, as they have all recently debuted new hair transformations. But what exactly goes into picking out a new hair color? Do you just randomly select a shade? Should you go for a consultation? There are so many different factors to consider it can be hard to know where to start.

With all of the information currently available in the hair-care space, coloring your hair can seem more overwhelming, the more you learn. If you're feeling frustrated, we've asked professional hairstylists some tips for finding your ideal hair color, ahead.

Look For Hair Color Inspiration From Celebrities

Pinpointing a celebrity that shares similar features is a pretty good starting point to understanding what colors look best on you. "I always recommend looking at inspirational photos of people who look similar to you, in terms of skin tone and eye color," Shvonne Perkins, lead educator at Madison Reed, told POPSUGAR.

Be sure to check that you like the color without a full face of makeup or without the hair being fully styled though, as different makeup techniques can play up a hair color and when your hair is not professionally styled, you still want to enjoy the color you chose.

Find the Best Hair Color For You Based on Your Eyes

Hairstylists are trained to help you pick a hair color based on your skin tone and eye color. "Blue eyes are suited to wear warmer highlights, even copper, whereas green eyes are enhanced by red hair or more auburn tones," hairstylist Mirza Batanovic previously told POPSUGAR. If you're dyeing your hair at home though, there are a lot of charts available online that show your options.

Consider Your Skin Tone When Choosing a Hair Color

"Getting your perfect hair color involves two things: the level of hair color (from light to dark) and your skin tone (warm or cool)," editorial hairstylist Chuck Bass, previously told POPSUGAR. "For balance, choose a hair color opposite of your skin tone." For instance, if you have red in your skin tone, ask for an ashy color.

Batanovic added that your entire look (that is, your hair and complexion together) can actually skew too warm or cool if your hair and skin tones are off-balance. "For example, if your skin is very golden, you may be better suited with cooler tones in hair color since adding more warmth would be overwhelming."

Shades of Gold Are Universally Flattering Across Hair Colors

If you just want a simple update, hair types and skin tones across the board can depend on one particular tone to look good: gold. "Typically shades that have a little more gold to them are good choices and add softness to peoples' complexions. They also tend to fade naturally, because all-natural human hair has an element of warmth to it," Perkins said.

If you want to step it up a notch, some people can actually play with multiple shades. After finding a color that complements your skin tone "play with the different tones within that color family," said Keka Heron, certified trichologist and owner of DeAnasa Haircare. Experimenting with lighter or darker tones of one particular shade can be an easy way to add dimension to your new look and is a step up from the traditional single-process color.

Tips For Dyeing Your Hair at Home

Though some hairstylists believe you should only go to a professional to color your hair, if you do decide to color your hair at home, there are a few ways to set yourself up for success.

First, watch as many how-to videos on coloring hair at home as you can before starting the process. Then, stay calm and organized during the process and make sure to have combs for sectioning and clips handy. Finally, when you go in to color the hair "use small sections that you can see through so that you have even saturation for best color results," Perkins said.

To maintain your color at home, toners and glosses are readily available and an easy addition to your hair-care routine. After three to four weeks, Perkins suggested using a tinted gloss like the Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss ($25) to replace some of the pigment from natural fading and Heron suggested making sure to deep condition the hair on wash days to help revive the color. One of her favorite conditioners is the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Three Minute Restoring Conditioner ($10).

If you'd like to get a head start on your transformation but need some inspiration, click ahead for some examples of celebrities who have found their perfect color.

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