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Temporary Flash Tattoos

Beyoncé and 25 Real Girls Show Off Their Chic Flash Tattoos

Temporary Flash Tattoos

While permanent tattoos have long been a common choice for body modification for adults, temporary tats are typically brushed off as a trend for tweens. That is, until Flash Tattoos came onto the scene last year. These metallic body adornments are popular with celebrities and music festivalgoers alike, but even if you fit into neither of those categories, you'll still admire the beauty of these neat appliqués. While they've already been trendy for a full year, we're still sporting ours. After all, they really flatter a Summer tan! Not sure how to style yours? Scroll through and take a cue from these Instagram users — and don't blame us if you end up wanting to bling out your entire body.

Source: Instagram

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