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Tattoo Stories and Inspiration

These Are Our Favorite Tattoo Stories, Just In Case You Need Some Inspiration

Tattoo Stories and Inspiration
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Tattoos can be a very personal thing. Sometimes there's a hilarious (and deeply embarrassing) story about a late-night stint involving alcohol. Then there are those really touching tales representative of tear-jerking experiences. Finally, there are the in-between ones that make you smile and feel completely inspired to be a better person (#namaste). You'll find a little bit of everything below (and even a few tattoo tips) when 20 women revealed their ink and the awesome stories behind them. There's a hodgepodge of examples below, from Harry Potter fandom to a Steve Jobs quote. The good news is that most of these tattoos are office-appropriate. The bad news? You'll be running out ASAP to get a brand of your own. Make sure to also check out these celebrity tattoos before you head to the nearest parlor.

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