Ali Wong Debuts a Blond "Revenge" Bob in Netflix's New "Beef" Trailer

Ali Wong's signature look is undeniable: red cat-eye glasses, a leopard print dress, and brunette waves styled in all of the hottest hairstyle trends. But on March 15, Wong swapped her dark hair for a blond bob when she appeared alongside "Nope" star Steven Yeun in the trailer for "Beef," their new revenge-fueled comedy series on Netflix.

In the clip, Wong debuts her new hair color while watching Yeun's character get arrested under unexplained circumstances. Smirking at her rival behind a neutral lip and neon blue eyeshadow, Wong looks like the CEO of vengeance with her platinum-blond hair tucked slightly under at the edges. She wears the chin-length bob, which intentionally shows her roots, parted slightly to the side. During the trailer, Wong's character also rotates through a series of brunette hairstyles, including a super-short sliced bob with bangs.

The unexpected look is a huge departure from Wong's natural brunette hair. Since the start of her career, the comedian has stuck true to her original hair color, seemingly keeping her distance from highlights, midlights, and major hair makeovers. After seeing her "Beef" character's willingness to experiment with so many different looks, though, we can't help but wonder if Wong is planning a real-life hairstyle swap sometime soon.

While we'll always love her 2000s-inspired bump hairstyle and her gorgeous updos, we hope to see more of Wong's short hair offscreen as well.

See Wong's complete hair transformation from all angles in Netflix's "Beef" trailer ahead.

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Netflix's "Beef" Trailer

Ali Wong's Blond Bob Hairstyle in Netflix's "Beef"

Ali Wong's Blond Bob Hairstyle in Netflix's "Beef"

Ali Wong's Brunette Bob Hairstyle in Netflix's "Beef"
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Ali Wong's Brunette Bob Hairstyle in Netflix's "Beef"