The "Sliced" Bob Is the Low-Maintenance Haircut You Need to Try

There's a new haircut trend threatening to overturn the shag as the most popular style of the moment: the bob. (Just look at Laura Harrier, Lori Harvey, and Hunter Schafer.) The best part about this cut is that it's endlessly versatile — you can ask for an inverted style, blunt ends, or something more asymmetrical, but let's not forget about the trendy "sliced" bob haircut.

The name may sound a little scary, but a sliced bob is simply a textured bob. "Slicing is a texturizing technique used to break up solid shapes and remove weight, creating movement and texture," Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, tells POPSUGAR. "When used on a bob haircut, you get a 'sliced bob.' It's a sleek, blunt but textured 'do." Nine Zero One master stylist Lisa Satorn adds: "The slicing technique transforms a blunt one-length bob into a low maintenance, chic, slimmer silhouette."

The hairstyle combines the best of both worlds: "It has more texture than a classic bob but is more blunt than a choppy, layered bob," Spino says. That's because the slicing technique doesn't add traditional layers, which allows you to keep the blunt ends while still benefiting from movement in the style. "It helps give movement yet sleekness at the same time," says Satorn.

Everyone looks good with a sliced bob, but logistically it does work better with straight hair. "If you have wavy or curly [hair], you will spend more time styling," Spino says. Thin hair, in particular, is great for this haircut because it "adds texture on fine hair without removing too much weight." This gives you the appearance of fuller hair.

With that said, if you have straight hair, you won't need to do much styling to make this haircut look effortlessly cool. "If not, blow-dry it smooth, or flat-iron," Spino says. To create volume at the top of the head, Satorn recommends blowdrying the side and front of the hair up. "Think: making a rainbow shape with your hair from one ear to the other," she says. "This will help give extra volume to super flat hair." Then finish with a texture spray. "Lift up your hair, and spray the mid-to-ends to show off the movement," says Spino.

Ahead, see inspiration for the sliced-bob haircut trend to take with you to the salon.