Alisha Boe on Her 13 Reasons Why Character's Meaningful Beauty Evolution

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Alisha Boe's 13 Reasons Why character, Jessica Davis, is a survivor, and with what she's gone through in the show's three seasons, it would make sense that you might not have noticed her dramatic beauty evolution.

But Boe told POPSUGAR that Jessica's beauty look is an indicator to how the character develops and becomes more empowered throughout the series. "When you meet my character in the first season, she is going through the hardest moments of her life," Boe said. "There's not much thought that goes into [her hair and makeup] because she is really stressed, struggling, and not in the right headspace."

It's the third season where you'll notice a shift. Boe said that she hadn't styled her for seasons one and two, and that this changes in the show's newest episodes. "Jessica's gone from a victim to a survivor," Boe said. "She's fully taken on the role of being an activist and her role in her community. She is empowering to students around her . . . She really wants to take care of herself."

In real life, the actress's beauty routine is simple. Boe said she typically only follows two skincare steps — cleansing and moisturizing — because of her sensitive skin. (In fact, she only adds more steps to address her changing skincare needs while filming.) Her uncomplicated approach is what makes her newly minted status as a Burt's Bees spokesperson feel kismet, because she says she had already been using the brand's gentle products in her day-to-day.

Learn more about Boe's sensitive-skin picks ahead.

Alisha Boe's Weekly Beauty Ritual
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Alisha Boe's Weekly Beauty Ritual

Boe explained that wearing heavy makeup and being under lights as she films takes a toll on her skin and causes her to break out. On the weeks she's on set, she always makes time to give her skin a little extra R & R.

"The more makeup I wear, the more frequently I break out, so I do a green-tea face mask once or twice a week," she said.

Alisha Boe's Go-To Beauty Product For When She Doesn't Sleep

Alisha Boe's Go-To Beauty Product For When She Doesn't Sleep

Boe said she looks to depuffing eye masks, like Burt's Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks ($3), when she's had "zero sleep."

Boe also uses Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia ($5) when she's on set. She said it's been a staple in her beauty routine for years.

Alisha Boe For Burt's Bees
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Alisha Boe For Burt's Bees

Boe decided to partner with Burt's Bees because of its dedication to our environment. "We can all do something individually that will help protect our beautiful planet," she said. "Big or small, it would have a huge impact collectively."

She encourages everyone to donate to the brand's #ChangeForNature campaign. Burt's Bees will donate $10 per pledge for the first 15,000 pledges to the National Geographic Society, an organization that aims to reduce "individual plastic consumption and the flow of plastics into watersheds."