Ariana Grande Has Been Secretly Wearing R.E.M. Beauty on The Voice This Whole Time

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  • Ariana Grande wore a variety of R.E.M. Beauty products while filming The Voice.
  • On Instagram, she disclosed exactly which makeup products she wore on the Nov. 1 episode.
  • You can shop Grande's entire R.E.M. Beauty makeup look online.

Ever since Ariana Grande disclosed she's been working on R.E.M. Beauty for two years, we've found ourselves looking back at old photos, wondering, "Is she wearing the products here? What about here?" Now, we finally got our answer: Grande was testing a variety of the "chapter one" products while on The Voice, and now we know exactly which ones.

According to R.E.M. Beauty's official Instagram page, on the Nov. 1 episode, the singer wore almost exclusively her own brand. The R.E.M. Beauty Lip Stain Marker and Plumping Lip Gloss (the one Miley Cyrus raved about) were used on her lips; the Eyeshadow Palette, Dream Lashes, and Eyeliner Marker made up her eye makeup; and the Highlight Topper was responsible for her skin's next-level glow.

"It's been really cool to secretly test and see them on TV, but also some of the products from later chapters," Grande previously told POPSUGAR in an interview. "The thing that you've probably seen the most is the lip stuff, my lashes, my liner, and the skin, which is coming later. And my shadows . . . the 'Babydoll' palette has been used a lot."

In addition to the top-secret skin products she mentioned, she's also been wearing the not-yet-released R.E.M. Beauty foundations and concealers "pretty consistently." While we patiently wait for those items to drop, shop Grande's entire R.E.M. Beauty makeup look from The Voice ahead.