Ariana Grande Honors Fiancé Pete Davidson's Late Father With a Brand-New Tattoo

Ariana Grande just showed her love for fiancé Pete Davidson and his family in a very permanent way. The 25-year-old singer debuted a new tattoo on her foot of the numbers 8418 — it's the badge number Scott Davidson, Pete's late father, wore as a firefighter before he died during the Twin Tower attacks on 9/11. Pete also has the same tattoo on his forearm.

This isn't the first time Ariana and Pete have gotten inked since they've been together. Shortly after the two went public with their relationship, Pete got her iconic black bunny ears mask and initials, AG, tattooed. The couple also has tiny clouds tattooed on their fingers and "H2GKMO" (an acronym for "Honest to God Knock Me Out") on their hands. Keep scrolling to get a closer look at Ariana's new tattoo.