Barbie Ferreira Makes a Compelling Case For Bangs in Summer

Barbie Ferreira is back in her bangs era. On July 1, the actor teased the new haircut in a picture on Instagram, where she was wearing a silky green dress and sultry cat-eye makeup. Still, it wasn't until July 4 that Ferreira showed off her new look in its entirety, and it looks even cooler than we initially imagined.

In a selfie posted to her Instagram Stories, Ferreira seems to have also added blunt, face-framing layers to the look, giving the illusion of a jellyfish haircut. Still, her fringe remained the star of the show, falling somewhere between micro and Birkin bangs and embodying the lightweight airiness that both looks are known for. The rest of her hair fell just past the tips of her shoulders, and she kept her signature brown hair color intact.

Bangs are an easy haircut if you're looking for something low stakes and noncommittal. The options for finding your perfect style are endless; you can get something subtle and wispy like the aforementioned Birkin bang, or dramatic and eye-catching like a baby bang. Whichever you decide, make sure that you're enlisting the help of a professional hairstyle for the final version.

Take a closer look at Ferreira's new bangs below.