The "Jellyfish" Haircut Is the Latest Trend Making Waves on TikTok

This year's haircut trends are becoming more daring by the minute, and the latest look going viral is no exception. It's called the "jellyfish" haircut: a half-short, half-long style that marries the mullet with a bowl cut and is meant to look exactly like — you guessed it — the outline of a jellyfish.

First popularized on TikTok, the hashtag #JellyfishHaircut has gotten over 8.6 million views on the app, with tons of accompanying videos showing that thousands of people have already taken the plunge (pun intended) and gotten the cut for themselves. Even Nicole Kidman is an unlikely fan of the look. Plus, according to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report, searches for "jellyfish haircut" are up 615 percent in the last year. If you're curious to learn more, we're breaking down everything you need to know about the trend here.

What Is the Jellyfish Haircut?

As the second "sea animal"-themed hairstyle we've seen this year (the first being the popular "octopus" haircut), the jellyfish haircut is on track to be the most eye-catching hairstyle of the year. A mix between a mullet and a bowl cut, the style is named for its stark resemblance to the shape of a jellyfish. "It's essentially a version of a mullet that plays on shapes and contrasting lines," Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairstylist and color and styling expert for Sally Beauty, tells POPSUGAR.

The cut features two different disconnected sections. The top portion sits on the outer layer of hair and looks similar to a bowl cut, typically ending around the middle of the ear, and mimics the bell-shaped body of a jellyfish. The bottom and second part of the cut is a longer inner layer that mimics the tentacles. There are many different iterations of the cut, and the style can be made to be more dramatic with two blunt layers or more subdued with blended layers, depending on your preference.

How to Pull Off a Jellyfish Haircut

If you're looking for an edgy, out-of-the-box style that's sure to grab people's attention, the jellyfish cut might just be for you. "It's for that human who is not afraid to be seen and make a statement," Patterson says, adding that it can also be tailored to suit any face shape because of how customizable it is. "Think of ways you want to highlight or contour your facial features by playing with length. If you have an angled chin, maybe keep the blunt line below the jaw. Tailor it to what you want to showcase."

Although you'd need to start out with long hair in order to make this dramatic cut work, you can always fake the look with extensions. "If you have an existing bob or lob, pop in a couple of strands in your shade or a fun pop of color and rock it for a night," Patterson says.

How to Style a Jellyfish Haircut

The good news is that this cut works well no matter your hair texture and looks great on straight, wavy, and curly hair. It's also easy to maintain: "It can be pretty much a wash-and-go style for the most part," he says. "This one is so customizable; you can go wild with texture balms and sprays or keep it sleek and straight."

To play up the blunt ends of the disconnected front section, try spritzing your hair with a texturizing spray to add extra grit. If you want to add extra polish and shine, add a drop of hair oil to your palms and run it through your ends.

The jellyfish haircut is also perfect for anyone who wants to play around with color. You can keep the top half your natural color and dye the "tentacle" section a fun hue, or vice versa. We've even seen versions of the style that mimic the actual colors of a jellyfish. Again, the key here is it's all about how you want to customize the look for yourself.

How to Ask Your Hairstylist For the Jellyfish Haircut

If you're ready to dive into the deep end and claim this latest cut for yourself, Patterson's biggest piece of advice is to bring inspiration photos with you. "Not every hairstylist is going to have the skill or knowledge of the trend, and because it's a very technical haircut, visual aids are going to be your best friend," he says.

Celebrity Jellyfish Haircut Inspiration

Getty | Christian Vierig

The style has been seen on countless stars in many forms — from Nicole Kidman's fiery red look for the cover of "Perfect" to Joan Smalls's extra long take.