"Birkin Bangs" Are Trending For Fall

Bangs of all varietiescurtain, blunt, micro, curly, surfer — are having a moment right now. With the return of '70s-inspired shags and even Y2K side-bangs, you can customize your haircut and add even more personality to your look with the fringe of your choice. If you're still on the hunt for the perfect style of bangs for you, allow us to introduce you to "Birkin" bangs.

"Birkin" bangs — not to be confused with equally famous Birkin bags — are named after Jane Birkin's iconic fringe. As a model and actress in the 1960s and '70s, Birkin's bangs became a key component of her signature look. Now, with the increased interest in retro haircuts, they're gaining a new wave of fans.

What Are Birkin Bangs?

Birkin bangs are characterized by their wispy, piecey look. Traditionally, they're a bit longer and hit in that space between your eyebrows and your eyelashes, without being so long that they'd be considered curtain bangs (which typically stretch to midcheek to chin-length).

"They're not heavy bangs at all and are, in fact, sparse enough to expose the eyebrows despite being long enough to cover them," Devin Toth, hairstylist at Salon SCK, tells POPSUGAR. "The bang section of hair doesn't originate that far away from your hairline — only an inch or so — and then extends in sparse gaps to the lowest arc of the brows."

The vibe of Birkin bangs is effortless and airy thanks to their wispy nature. They look just as great with your hair down as they do when you have it pulled up into an updo, like a ponytail or messy bun.

A handful of celebrities have tried the look on for size, including Zendaya at the London Film Festival in 2021 and Megan Fox at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Birkin bangs look particularly good paired with long, straight, layered haircuts, but the style can work on all hair types.

"Any hair type, texture, and style can be inspired by them and pull them off as long as the rest of the face-framing layers are well below the chin and don't connect to the bangs," says Toth.

How to Style Birkin Bangs

How you style bangs largely depends on your starting hair type. "Birkin bangs are paired with a center part and are usually styled with a subtle effortless bounce — not a full-blown bump, but just picture soft and straight with a bend," says Toth. "They're almost clumpy and flow with the cowlicks of the hair."

To style them, he recommends you rough-dry your hair, then take a round brush to your ends and do a quick pass of a flat iron to your bangs. "Less is more."

Ahead, see more inspiration shots of the Birkin bangs haircut trend to save for your fall hair appointment.

Jane Birkin With Birkin Bangs

Jane Birkin With Birkin Bangs

Jane Birkin's iconic fringe inspired the "Birkin" bang trend. Here is a photo of the singer and actor in 1960 with the haircut.

Zendaya With Birkin Bangs
Getty | Ian West

Zendaya With Birkin Bangs

Zendaya debuted "Birkin" bangs at the 2021 London Film Festival. She paired the eyebrow-length bangs with a shag haircut styled in loose curls.

Gigi Hadid With Birkin Bangs
Getty | Gregg DeGuire

Gigi Hadid With Birkin Bangs

Gigi Hadid had "Birkin"-style bangs in 2016, as visible here in the model's red carpet look for the MTV Movie Awards. She wore the rest of her hair long and straight.

Kendall Dorsey With Birkin Bangs

In October 2021, Kendall Dorsey showed off her new haircut on Instagram featuring "Birkin" bangs and a "clavicut."

Megan Fox With Birkin Bangs
Getty | Christopher Polk/NBC

Megan Fox With Birkin Bangs

Megan Fox switched up her look for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards by adding "Birkin" bangs to her long, straight hairstyle.

Long Birkin Bangs

These "Birkin" bangs are on the longer side and brush the wearer's eyelashes. The fringe is paired with a long shag haircut.

Birkin Bangs With a Cowlick

This is an example of "Birkin" bangs with a cowlick — further proof, as Toth mentioned, that the hairstyle suits those with this type of hair pattern.

Straight Birkin Bangs

This example of "Birkin" bangs sees the style worn with pin-straight hair for a sleek vibe.

Birkin Bangs on Fine Hair

Even those with fine hair can easily wear "Birkin" bangs, as the hairstyle is very light and airy.

Birkin Bangs With a Ponytail

Consider this your proof that "Birkin" look great with an updo. The hairstyle is just as wearable with hair down as it is with a ponytail or bun.