Beauty Charcuterie Boards Are a Thing, and While You Can't Eat Them, They Look Damn Good

Nowadays, you can find inspiration for almost any type of charcuterie board you please. Hot-chocolate charcuterie boards? Check. Breakfast charcuterie boards? Done. Charcuterie boards for your pets? No problem. And now, people are making beauty charcuterie boards, too, and they're almost as magical and mesmerizing as the edible versions.

Some people are filling their decorative boards with makeup palettes, tubes of skin care, and beautiful glass jars filled with whipped textures that mimic a bowl of creamy dip, while Bath & Body Works created its own self-care charcuterie board complete with a lit candle. It's like a product flatlay but with a nod to the delicious creations we're seeing all over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds this year.

Check out a few of the best beauty charcuterie boards ahead.