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Hot-Chocolate Charcuterie-Board Ideas

Get Warm, Cozy, and Creative With These 19 Hot-Chocolate Charcuterie-Board Ideas

When the weather outside is, well, frightful, meaning cold temperatures and snow, I just want to sip on an endless mug of hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows on top. Sweet, creamy hot cocoa is cold weather's best companion, and what better way to serve it than charcuterie board-style? Yes, hot chocolate is good on its own, but imagine it topped with whipped cream, huge marshmallows, cookies, cocoa powder, candy canes, chocolate chips, chocolate-covered pretzels, sprinkles, and more fun and festive toppings? It's a decadent and oh-so-delightful way to enjoy this classic drink, and it makes a perfect spread for cozy holiday movie nights at home with family and friends. If you need some inspiration to put together your own hot cocoa board, check out a few of our favorite ones ahead. They'll be sure to warm your body and soul with pure, chocolatey joy.

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