Pet Parents Are Making Full-On Charcuterie Boards For Dogs — and They're Amazing

As a human, there's simply nothing I love more than a well-thought-out charcuterie board packed with meats, cheeses, and fruit. And while I've dipped my toe into the hot chocolate and pancake versions, I never considered making one for my dog until now.

Pet owners are turning to Instagram to share their takes on these beloved boards — packed with dog treats, meat, and even eggs — and yes, it's an idea we're willing to try at home. Along with arranging all of your pup's goodies in an eye-catching way — only so they can destroy it moments later, of course! — the key to making a charcuterie board for pups is ensuring everything you offer up is good for them. Be sure to double-check what you lay out against this list to be extra sure you're providing healthy options.

Scroll ahead to get a look at these pet parents' creative charcuterie boards for dogs.

Photos of Charcuterie Boards For Dogs