I Put Instagram's Favorite "Pore Vacuum" to the Test

Natalia Trejo
Natalia Trejo
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It wasn't until recently that I started thinking about my pores. I'm 34. There seems to be a lot of conversations around them on social media — Can you extract them? Make them appear smaller? — but mine were never too noticeable. Still, I wondered: Should I be doing something to treat them anyway? Would my skin look better, clearer, or healthier if I did?

Since I'm in my mid 30s, I've been looking for ways to amp up my skin-care routine. Paying attention to my pores felt like a natural next step, which is how I heard about the Instagram-famous BeautyBio Glofacial Deep Pore Cleansing Tool ($199). A "pore vacuum" of sorts, this device promises to degunk the dirt and grime from your skin, and considering I've never used a pore strip (or maybe I have once, I can't remember), I figured I might need to bring in the big guns. Why not?

As someone with dry skin who hardly breaks out, I'm often apprehensive about trying anything that involves removing excess oil since my skin lacks it. However, it doesn't need the dirt or other grime left behind from my day to day. That said, there are some important risks to consider before using pore vacuums. If done incorrectly, it can lead to hyperpigmentation, bruising, permanent broken capillaries, and even scarring.

All of this made me rethink using the Glofacial, but I decided to put my fears to the side and give it a try. Keep reading to learn more about how it went.

About the BeautyBio Glofacial Deep Pore Cleansing Tool

  • This skin-care device has a vortex suction that helps remove dirt and blackheads.
  • It also features blue LED light to target acne-causing bacteria.
  • There are two tip applicator options depending on the area you want to treat: small and large.
  • The tool has three suction modes — light, medium, and high — so you can pick your suction pressure.
  • Included in the kit is a concentrate featuring salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid.

What I Like About the BeautyBio Glofacial

Because my skin is dry and sensitive, I was afraid this tool would be too harsh for me. I didn't want the suction to pull too hard, so I was apprehensive before starting. Luckily, after going through the process, I learned there are three pressure options (light suction, medium suction, and high suction), so I could pick and choose, and I'm happy to announce that the Glofacial is actually quite gentle. While the brand does note that skin may become temporarily flush as it enhances microcirculation, my face didn't experience any adverse side effects. In fact, because I used the lowest setting, I didn't experience any redness, blotchiness, or irritation postfacial.

I also love that there is zero downtime and I can follow up with my usual skin-care routine immediately after. My skin just felt squeaky clean and looked brighter immediately after use, and I also have to admit it was amusing to see all the gunk that was extracted during the treatment. Who would have thought all that was stuck inside my pores?

Natalia Trejo

Lastly, I very much appreciate that this facial tool is lightweight and a cinch to clean for next time. The kit comes with a cleansing brush that can be used with warm water and mild soap to rinse all parts and leave them to dry overnight.

How to Use the BeautyBio Glofacial

First, you need to make sure the Glofacial tool is fully charged. The brand then recommends choosing between the large treatment tip (for cheeks, forehead, and jawlines) or the small treatment tip (for nose and chin). Next, you should add a small amount of concentrate, which is a mix of acne-fighting salicylic acid and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, to fill the line shown on the chamber and fill the remainder with water to dilute. Now it's time to turn on the blue LED light mode using the power button, which is meant to target bacteria, and press again once, twice, or three times to choose between low, medium, or high suction.

BeautyBio also recommends washing your face ahead of using the tool and using it on damp skin. I agree with this recommendation, because it makes gliding the tool over your skin much easier. Once you start using it, you should hold your skin taut while smoothing it over each area, and keep the tool upright. (Otherwise, a white light will flash and it will beep three times, which means it's not making optimal contact with your skin.) You should also keep it moving and not hover over any one spot until you've finished the concentrate.

Since I'm new to using pore vacuums, I tried following the directions as best as possible. While the tool is technically safe to use daily on low suction mode, the brand recommends using it one to two times a week, which is exactly what I decided to do. You can even use it with water alone, although I prefer to use it with the included concentrate, and because of my skin type, I like to only target my forehead, nose, and chin areas.

What to Consider Before Trying the BeautyBio Glofacial

Something to note about the BeautyBio Glofacial Deep Pore Cleansing Tool are the side effects mentioned earlier, including broken capillaries and scarring if done incorrectly. (By incorrectly, that means using the high suction option too frequently or in the same areas repeatedly.) The brand also recommends you only use it with the included concentrate, so that's another factor to keep in mind.

Natalia Trejo

Is the BeautyBio Glofacial Worth the Splurge?

If you're someone who often gets facials, I'd say the Glofacial is well worth the splurge. As an at-home HydraFacial treatment of sorts, it does a solid job at what it claims to do (read: clear your pores of any gunk while boosting circulation in the skin), and if used the recommended one to two times a week, I'd say you're getting your money's worth.

As someone with dry skin and no noticeable blackheads, I personally don't feel I need it in my beauty arsenal for regular use. That said, if I have a big event or can't get myself to an aesthetician for a facial, this is a really great option to have in my back pocket.