Bella Hadid's Small Collection of Tiny Tattoos Is Proof She's a True Minimalist

Bella Hadid isn't exactly known for having tattoos. Don't get us wrong: the model has a few pieces of ink, but they're so tiny you might miss them (or assume she doesn't have any). While Hadid only has five tattoos at the moment — two on each side of her ankle, one on the back of her arm, and two on the outsides of her shoulders — each one follows a theme, and considering how small they are, it looks like she's committed to going the minimalist route.

Hadid got her first tattoo in January 2017, before following that with another just a few months later. For both of those designs, she went to New York City-based tattoo artist JonBoy, who's also a favorite among celebrities like Ashley Benson, Kendall Jenner, and Justin and Hailey Bieber.

Keep reading for a closer look at Hadid's tattoos, plus what each of them means, and then make sure to check out more tiny tattoo inspiration here.


Bella Hadid's Wing Tattoo

The model got a pair of wings tattooed on both sides of her right leg for what appears to be her first tattoo back in January 2017. She's never explained the inspiration behind the design, but wing tattoos are often associated with freedom, though it definitely can differ from person to person.


Bella Hadid's Rose Tattoo

Hadid's most recent tattoo is a rosebud that she placed on the back of her arm, just above the elbow, back in 2017.


Bella Hadid's Script Tattoos

On Nov. 22, Hadid paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo and got two script tattoos on the outsides of her shoulders. The writings in Arabic translate to "I love you" and "my love."

Bella Hadid's 3 Tiny Dot Tattoos
Getty | Samir Hussein

Bella Hadid's 3 Tiny Dot Tattoos

At the Tre Piani screening on July 11, 2021, Hadid wore a scoop-neck gown that gave fans a glimpse at a tiny tattoo design under her left boob. The ink is of three tiny dots in a line. It's unknown when she got it and what it means.