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The Best Squid Game Makeup Looks on TikTok

Red Light, Green Light: These Are the Best Squid Game Makeup Looks on TikTok

The Best Squid Game Makeup Looks on TikTok
Image Source: Everett Collection
  • Netflix's Squid Game is set to be a popular Halloween costume this year.
  • People on TikTok are recreating the best Squid Game moments with makeup.
  • These makeup looks bring to life everything from Red Light, Green Light to Tug of War and more.

If you haven't seen Squid Game on Netflix, it's time to catch up. It's a South Korean survival drama series that focuses on people who are way over their heads in debt and will do anything to get out of it, including taking part in the mysterious (not to mention dangerous) Squid Games. The contestants compete in a number of children's games for the chance to win a huge jackpot that will change their lives forever, but the stakes are deadly and nothing is as it seems.

The show is disturbing, dark, and full of twists and turns that is unlike anything that's been seen on the streaming platform. The series is also extremely visual. Squid Game completely stands out in terms of the way it looks, sounds, and feels. It's become Netflix's most-watched show following its release in September, with 111 million views and is the platform's first-ever Korean series to reach the number one spot. It's also introduced us to some amazing Korean actors who we're sure we'll be seeing more of soon.

It's no surprise that it looks like Squid Game's iconic imagery is going to be big this Halloween. There are costumes selling out online, Squid Game parties and events being planned, memes everywhere, and some seriously creative makeup looks inspired by the series all over TikTok.

If you're considering dressing up as the Red Light, Green Light doll, Saebyok's character, or anyone else in the series, check out some of the best Squid Game makeup looks on TikTok right here and get your Halloween inspo straight from the source. (Just be forewarned: there is fake gore and blood coming right up.)

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