Yes, Beyoncé Is Magical — but Her Hair Is Not

While we've watched Beyoncé's hair with bated breath for years, 2014 made it clear that her quick changes weren't witchcraft. In just a span of several days this year, Queen Bey was spotted with a variety of hairstyles, going from long, wavy strands to cropped bangs, finishing her set of looks with a blunt (bang-free) bob. Almost instantly, news outlets around the web were reporting the hair change with sensational stories boasting things like "Beyoncé has chopped her hair!" and "She's growing out her baby bangs!" — completely ignoring the fact that the singer was (and probably still is) wearing some form of fake hair.

From the second she showed off that blond pixie cut via Instagram back in August 2013, much has been made about Beyoncé's regular hair changes, especially when she goes from long to short to long again within the span of a couple of weeks. We can argue the length of her natural hair until we're blue in the face, but that's exactly what Beyoncé is best at: keeping people guessing.

We get it: it's hard to come to terms with the fact that Beyoncé is a human being and not a supernatural entity. But like the rest of us mere mortals, Beyoncé cannot just cut Bettie Page-inspired bangs on Monday and have them magically grow back by Saturday. The reality is Queen Bey has access to some of the best, highest-quality (and, yes, expensive) wigs and weaves in the world, and the media shouldn't be uncomfortable calling that out. Lots of people have dabbled in the wonderful world of weaves and, no matter their gender or race, have adopted the ideals that adding extra length or fullness to your natural head of hair is nothing to be reluctant about or ashamed of. Beyoncé clearly isn't keeping it a secret, so why are we? Keep reading for some of the singer's most notable quick changes this year, and let us know: is it so hard to admit that Beyoncé wears weaves?