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Billie Eilish's Natural Hair Color

Forget the Crown, You Should See Billie Eilish's Natural Blond Hair Color

Billie Eilish's Natural Hair Color
Image Source: Getty / Dave J Hogan

Lady Gaga might be the ultimate enigma of the millennial generation, but for Gen Z? That's Billie Eilish. The 17-year-old singer is a walking paradox, which is why fans adore her so much. Between her oversize fashion ensembles, stiletto nails, and unnervingly angelic voice, Eilish is the unpredictable entertainer everyone is trying to figure out right now. But one of the most bewildering questions about her involves her natural hair color. Turns out, it's not green.

Fun facts about Eilish are aplenty on the internet (did you know dance was her first true passion before she suffered a severe injury?), but details about her natural hair color are hidden well. Even so, we found it. Yes, Eilish's natural hair color is blond. It's true, the curiosity regarding what Eilish's roots really look like pales in comparison to her record-breaking accomplishments, and yet it's another fact about Eilish's life stans are hungry for.

Ahead, check out Billie Eilish's impressive and eclectic hair evolution through the years — starring, of course, her unexpected natural blond hair color.

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