Billie Eilish Totally Slipped Under the Radar With This Pretty Red Hair Color

Billie Eilish, what else are you hiding from us?! On Jan. 2, the pop singer-slash-hair dye aficionado took a trip down memory lane on her Instagram Stories posting photos from the last year, including snaps from one gorgeous secretive hair appointment. Using the "Questions" function, Eilish asked her fans to submit a date, which she then shared a photo from. After someone randomly asked about Nov. 22, 2021, Eilish uploaded a video from the salon chair and revealed she dyed her hair red. "Took the blonde out and went red for a week hehe," she wrote.

We have to applaud Eilish for totally slipping under the radar with this dye job, as it appeared to be just a few weeks before she transformed her bright blond shag haircut into a brown bob with bangs. She's been rocking the brown bob since early December, but there's something about this red color that we can't get enough of. Although it was short-lived, the coppery red shade on Eilish's chin-length bob looked fabulous, and it's one of the many hair colors Eilish has experimented with over the last few years. Ahead, check out photos of Eilish as a redhead.