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Fall Hair Color Trend 2019: Blond Espresso

Blond Espresso Hair Is the Newest and Glossiest Combination of Brunette and Blond

Fall Hair Color Trend 2019: Blond Espresso
Image Sources: Jack Howard and Starbucks

As Fall rolls in and Winter approaches, many of us crave the cozier things in life — fireplaces, mulled wine, and a steaming hot coffee to warm us up on cold, wet mornings. But what if we told you that you can now add a hair color to that cozy list? If the newest hair trend on the block, Blond Espresso — dreamt up by POPSUGAR and Jack Howard, colorist at Paul Edmonds Salon in London — is anything to go by, you'll soon be matching your hair to your Winter caffeine fix.

Sure, we've seen (and loved) beverage-inspired hair colors before (cold brew, pumpkin spice latte, mulled wine), but this one isn't just a pretty hair color. It's an approach to choosing hues (which we'll dive into later on).

Blond espresso hair is inspired by Starbucks's Blond Espresso drink, the coffee company's lighter, smoother, not-so-bitter version of its original roast. So how does that translate to hair color? Howard identifies blond espresso hair as still being brunette, but with strategically placed balayage pieces — specifically chosen to complement your skin tone — that melt seamlessly into the brown base. It's not overpowering — for most people, it won't be a dramatic color change — and is the perfect low-maintenance Fall hue.

So next time you grab yourself a drink from Starbucks, consider it your next hair color inspiration. Read on to get the scoop on everything there is to know about getting blond espresso-inspired hair — including a dive into what the color is and exactly what to ask your colorist if you're keen to try it — straight from a pro.

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